Lindy Bout XIV

Cherry Blossom Spirit

Signature Drink of Lindy Bout 14.5

Follow-along how-to video with Jen on Youtube!


  • 1.5 oz gin (preferably a floral one if you have or can get it – I’m using Glendalough Rose Gin)
  • .75 oz St Germain (or Elderflower syrup)
  • .25-.5 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp cherry jam
  • ice
  • rosewater (optional)
  • cherry for garnish (optional)
  • soda water or elderflower soda (if you’re making the non-alcoholic version)

**to make a non-alcoholic Cherry Blossom Spirit

Omit the gin and use elderflower syrup instead of St Germain.

Top off with soda water or elderflower soda (such as Bottle Green Elderflower Pressé, usually available at London Drugs or Superstore).


  • cocktail shaker, or a comparably sized vessel with a tight-fitting lid (i.e. a mason jar or a Nalgene water bottle) + a strainer
  • jigger, or other liquid measuring implement
  • tablespoon
  • glass (Jen recommends a snifter – it’s the shape of the Spirit of Lindy Bout)
  • cocktail stick (if you’re opting for the cherry garnish)


Fill glass with ice and set aside.

Juice lemon. Half a lemon will give you enough juice for probably 2 of these drinks.

Place 5 or 6 ice cubes in your shaking implement of choice.

Add gin, St Germain (or elderflower syrup), lemon juice, and jam.


Give it a taste test and adjust flavours if necessary.

Dump the ice out of the glass you set aside.

If you’re using the rosewater, pour a little bit into the glass and swirl it around, coating the inside of the glass. Pour out excess.

Strain the contents of your shaking implement into your glass. Eat any cherry chunks caught by your strainer 🙂

Put a cherry onto your cocktail stick if you’re being fancy and place it in the glass.

Enjoy! Cheers to Lindy Bout!!