Lindy Bout XI

Workshops & Daytime Events

Your Lindy Bout XI Event Pass includes admission all daytime events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In addition to daytime competitions, Lindy Bout XI will feature workshops for all levels of dancers, daytime musical events, and other shenanigans. Check out the schedule.

Our classes are intended for the entire Lindy Bout Family, from the freshest face in the Haymaker Jack & Jill to the most experienced Barnburner finalist. We are assuming that you can hold your own on the dance floor; basics, 8-counts, 6-counts, Charleston. Likewise, if you’re looking for a challenge, our instructors also have some tricks up their sleeves just for you.


Our Favourite Jams

Saturday 10:45 with Krystal & Turlough, Meghan & Leo, Sylwia & Alain, and Eric & Eileen

Woooo jam circles!! Get ready to throw down with couples from across the country. Each couple will take turns leading the class teaching their own favourite flavour of jam. Learn some cool moves, expand your repertoire, and don’t forget the toast.

A Mess o’ Jazz

Saturday 12:30 with Miranda, Jasper, Joshua, and Louise

Everyone’s all-in for this jazz class of mini-routines taught by four different different instructors. This class will endow you with the kind of superpowers that only a Toronto-Seattle-Vancouver Lindy Bout collaboration can bring. You’ll be dancing by yourself but you won’t be alone. Expect to dance hard and play nicely with your peers. It will be inspiring, challenging, and a whole mess ‘o fun. Instructors will assume that you know basic jazz moves and are familiar with at least the Shim Sham.

Gentle Yoga for Lindy Bouters

Sunday 11:00 with Claudia

Stretch out your ITs, visualize winning, and in the words of the immortal Lisa Marks, dance without pain for the rest of the day! All levels, bodies and genders welcome. This is gonna be chill and awesome.

Transcendental Swingeration

Sunday 11:45 with Lloyd Arntzen, Tom Arntzen, Evan Arntzen, Alan Matheson, Jen Hodge, Scott Robertson, and Professor Smack

Ever wonder how great jazz dancers seem to know what's going to happen in every song they dance to? How is it their entire body can move so freely and intuitively? Ever wonder how jazz musicians who have never met can step on a stage and play like they've known each other their whole lives? What is this explosive, mysterious thing called JAZZ that pulsates through the Universe? Join jazz legend Lloyd Arntzen and Professor Smack as they tackle these fantastic questions that have long boggled the minds and feet of jazz aficionados all over the world. This class features a 6 piece live band that will have you groovin' and movin' towards a deeper state of bliss.

Other Daytime Events

Jazz Jam

Friday 3:00 wrangled by Jen, Evan, and Don

Dancers, bring your instruments! Musicians, bring your dancing shoes! At the Lindy Bout XI jazz jam, everyone can play music, everyone can dance, and together we can create a big ole' jazzy party. The jazz jam will happen in the park adjacent to Performance Works, weather permitting. (And If it rains, we’ll be indoors.)

Vintage Clips and Historical Jass Presentation

Sunday afternoon with Professor Smack

There’s nothing the Professor enjoys more in the whole wide world than sharing some of his favourite and most inspiring film clips with a room full of beautiful jazz dance fans.