Lindy Bout XV
(private development site)


Acknowledgement & Assumption of Risk

I acknowledge that I am aware of the nature of dancing and that there is an element of personal risk, damage or serious injury in these activities and I willingly agree to assume the responsibility for these risks as a condition of participating in this event. I acknowledge that there are inherent risks of catching COVID-19 and other communicable diseases when attending this event. Before registering for Lindy Bout, I will consider my own risk level and take precautions accordingly.

Indemnification & Release

I, the undersigned participant, on behalf of myself, my heirs, legatees and assigns, agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless The British Columbia Vernacular Jazz Dance Society, its directors, and any of its agents, representatives, employees or assigns for my health, safety and any injury and/or disability arising out of or resulting from this event.


In this section, Lindy Bout means British Columbia Vernacular Jazz Dance Society, and any of its staff, volunteers, assigned parties, photographers, or videographers.

I grant Lindy Bout permission to: (1) Take photographs and video of me during Lindy Bout XV (April 27–30, 2023) at Performance Works in Vancouver, BC; and (2) Reproduce images bearing my likeness in any media without compensation, including in a publicly-accessible online gallery.

Copyright of these photographs and video are retained by their creators and I acknowledge that I am granted the following rights for the use of photographs or video taken at Lindy Bout XV: (1) Personal, non-commercial use; (2) Personal promotional use provided that I am one of the main subjects in the photograph or video and where I have received permission from other individuals identifiable in the photograph or video.

I acknowledge that any other use of these photographs or video requires the permission of the photographer or videographer who created them.

I also acknowledge that the event may be attended by news agencies and I consent to being photographed or videotaped by them for the purpose of appearing in any form of physical or electronic news media without any compensation.