Lindy Bout XII

Our Organizers

Lindy Bout is produced by the British Columbia Vernacular Jazz Dance Society. The Lindy Bout Bossies, dedicated year-round staff, and fabulous volunteers all work hard to make Lindy Bout happen.

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The Bossies — Stephanie and Eileen

Known as Bossy Mamma (Stephanie McKernan Taylor) and Bossy Nomad (Eileen Jones), these ladies fell in love with Lindy hop around the turn of the century and first swung out at the historical Vancouver ballrooms, the (original) Legion and St. James Hall.

Comrades in vernacular jazz dance, the current Lindy Bout Bossies have had their hands and hearts in dance communities and events from Vancouver to New York and many places in between. You might recognize them from undertakings such as the Pinko Swing Collective, Hot Koko, UBC Swing Kids, SFU Swing Club, Fat Bottom Girls, Jungle Swing Productions, Frankie 100, and of course past Lindy Bouts.

The first year of Lindy Bout saw Bossy Mama found the event and Bossy Nomad coordinate housing. They had no idea that twelve years later they would still be working and dancing together, sharing the responsibility for an event known, enjoyed, and loved by dancers from across Canada and the world.

Bossy Mama resides in Toronto with her children and husband, still teaching and organizing. Bossy Nomad now calls Vancouver home, but is still known to explore remote places along BC's coast and elsewhere.

Our Fabulous Team

    • Geoff Oakham — Bossy Beancounter and Online Registration Chief
    • Lisa Marks — Design Maven
    • Justin Lee — Photography Prince
    • Mary Jean Cameron — Venue Magician
    • Amy Farahbakhsh — Admin Wonderwoman
    • Laura Avelino — Communications Chief
    • Johnna Gurgel — Communications Compadre
    • Liana Stammers — Volunteer Superstar
    • JP McGlynn — Sponsorship Sprite
    • Brian MacDonald — Viceroy of Videography
    • John Marian — Photography Duke
    • Kaitlin Russell — Safer Spaces Coordinator
    • Jean-Michel Oblette — Housing Hero
    • Lindsay Leong, Doug Barber, & Jen Burgess — Decorations Masterminds
    • Stacey Ivanovic, Sofia Avelino, & Barney Lee — Food & Beverage Fanatics
    • Jason Yourk - Match Maker
    • Tanya Lyons - Money Wizard

Special thanks to Dave Henderson Sound and the SwingTix registration system.

Another thank you to the following events for their support and love:


Interested in volunteering? Send an email to for more information.