Lindy Bout XV
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COVID-19 Policy

Updated April 10, 2023

Lindy Bout’s COVID-19 policy includes both our responsibilities to you as the Lindy Bout organizers and your responsibilities as a Lindy Bout attendee. Please read it carefully.

If any part of this policy does not meet the minimum standards of the Public Health Orders of the Province of British Columbia, the Public Health Orders of the Province of British Columbia will always supersede this policy.

Lindy Bout’s responsibilities to you

  • We will do our best to develop a thoughtful, considerate, and informed COVID policy that considers risks specific to Lindy Bout.
    • We will always, at a minimum, follow the requirements and recommendations of the Province of British Columbia, including all Public Health Orders. 
    • In addition, we consult directly with Vancouver Coastal Health (our local public health authority) to discuss risks specific to Lindy Bout and any additional measures we should take. 
    • Vancouver Coastal Health does not recommend Lindy Bout require any measures beyond the provincial requirements. 
  • We will provide KN95 masks for anyone that wishes to wear one.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer throughout the venue.
  • We will clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces on a frequent basis.
  • We will not provide reusable water cups. 
  • There are sinks for handwashing in the public washrooms.
  • Wearing a mask at Lindy Bout is optional in most circumstances, with the following exceptions:
    • At the request of your partner in a Partner Draw or the Solo(ish) Jazz competition.
    • At the request of your partner on the social dance floor.
  • In addition, we reserve the right to require attendees to wear a mask at any time during the event if circumstances warrant (e.g. if a special guest in a high-risk category is in attendance).
  • We have a clear refund and pass-transfer policy.

Your responsibilities to Lindy Bout

  • You acknowledge that there are inherent risks of catching COVID-19 and other communicable diseases when attending dance events. Before registering for Lindy Bout, you will consider your own risk level and take precautions accordingly.
  • If you sign-up for Lindy Bout, you understand that there may be some times where you will be required to wear a mask. These circumstances are explicitly stated in the preceding section.
  • If you wish to dance with someone wearing a mask, please respect their choice and offer to also wear a mask, including during competitions. You will wear a mask if requested during the preliminary and final rounds of the Partner Draw and Solo(ish) Jazz Matches.
  • You will practice good hygiene etiquette.
  • You will wash your hands with soap and water upon arriving at our dances, and after using the restroom, sneezing, or coughing, unless your sneeze or cough is protected by your mask. 
  • If you are travelling to Lindy Bout by air, train, public transit, or ferry, please wear a mask while travelling. (This request is consistent with the current provincial and federal recommendations.)
  • You will not come to any part of Lindy Bout should you feel unwell or experience any COVID symptoms.
  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 in the days and weeks prior to Lindy Bout, you must, at a minimum, follow the requirements of the BC Centre for Disease Control. Please do not attend Lindy Bout until your symptoms have resolved. Please see our refund policy for further details.
  • If you become ill during the event, please contact us and we will encourage you to get tested for COVID-19. Please see our refund policy for further details.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 after attending Lindy Bout, you will let us know so that we can adequately inform everyone else who attended. We will keep your report anonymous. 

In addition, we STRONGLY encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including a bivalent booster. (In British Columbia, you are “fully vaccinated with a bivalent booster” in most cases if you received your Fall 2022 booster.)

If you are uncertain about attending Lindy Bout and risks related to COVID, we invite you to use this tool to help you make an informed decision. For most people, Lindy Bout will be a “moderate risk” environment.

We know that our approach will prevent some people from attending Lindy Bout. It won’t be cautious enough for some, and will be too restrictive for others. We respect your choice and we will understand if you choose not to attend. As volunteer event organizers, it’s difficult to navigate the fall-out of the pandemic and we’re doing our best.