Lindy Bout XIII

Workshops & Daytime Events

Your Lindy Bout XIII Event Pass includes admission to all daytime events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In addition to competitions, Lindy Bout XIII daytime will feature a Community Accountability in Lindy Hop workshop, a presentation by Dr. Anaïs Sékiné, a dance workshop for all levels of dancers, daytime musical events, the return of the Historical Jazz Happening, and other shenanigans. Check out the descriptions below and the schedule for additional details.

Dance & Movement Workshops

Our workshops are intended for the entire Lindy Bout Family, from the freshest face in the Haymaker Partner Draw to the most experienced Bare-Knuckle Bout finalist.

Jazz Dance with Anaïs

Saturday 10:30 with Anaïs

Inspired by the practice of tap dancer Travis Knights, we will listen to the music and we will listen to our music, to the sound of our feet and body. We will explore ways to communicate together and jam together as true partners.

Gentle Yoga for Lindy Bouters

Sunday 10:30 with Claudia 

Stretch out your ITs, visualize winning, and in the words of the immortal Lisa Marks, dance without pain for the rest of the day! All levels, bodies and genders welcome. This is gonna be chill and awesome.

Historical Jazz Happening

Sunday 11:30 with Louise, Joel, and the Josh Roberts Mini-Orchestra

Join Louise and Joel Schwarz and the Josh Roberts Mini-Orchestra for a morning of pure jazz joy. This jazz extravaganza incorporates live music, historical video clips, and all sorts of wonder and merry making.

Community Accountability Workshop

Community Accountability in Lindy Hop

Friday 10:15 with Kim Dee, Justin Roll, and Amanda Huettner

Building on 2018’s Consent & Inclusivity workshop, you’re invited to spend an interactive two-and-a-quarter hours with facilitators Kim Dee and Justin Roll of the Consent Crew and Amanda Huettner of the Feminist Association for Collaborative Education (FACE) BC. This year’s workshop will explore Community Accountability by:

  • introducing the concept of calling people in vs. calling people out;
  • providing a framework for HOW (and when) to have calling in conversations;
  • presenting and discussing the values of a compassionate culture (vs. a dominance one);
  • exploring how we might meaningfully respond to situations that cause pain and anger.

Start your Lindy Bout Friday by thoughtfully engaging with fellow dancers from across Canada and the Pacific Northwest to work towards fostering a more compassionate communitytogether.

This workshop is open to any dancer, teacher, or organizer in the swing dance community. There is a $10-20 sliding-scale suggested donation to support facilitators; no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please register for the workshop in advance so we get a sense of numbers.

Questions? Hopes & Desires for the workshop? Suggestions? Please reach out to Kaitlin Russell and/or Tynan Rollo, Lindy Bout XIII’s Safer Spaces Coordinators, via email:

Can’t make it to the workshop, but would like to receive notes & resources? Please email Kaitlin at to get on the mailing list!

Other Daytime Events

The Worlds of Lindy Hop  Cultural Appropriation and the Politics of Joy

Friday 13:30 with Dr. Anaïs Sékiné 

Dive deeper into Lindy Hop and issues of appropriation during the presentation and discussion with Anaïs on her doctoral research: “Les mondes du Lindy Hop – Appropriation culturelle et politiques de la joie/The worlds of Lindy Hop – cultural appropriation and the politics of joy.”

From Anaïs: During this hour, I will present aspects of my research and reflect on the following quote by Frantz Fanon: “The circle of the dance is a permissive circle: it protects and permits. [dance] may be deciphered, as in an open book, [as] the huge effort of a community to exorcise itself, to liberate itself, to explain itself. There are no limits – inside the circle.” (Fanon, [1961] 1997, The Wretched of the Earth)

Jazz Jam with J^3

Friday 14:45 wrangled by Jen Hodge, Josh Roberts, and Jacob Zimmerman

Dancers, bring your instruments! Musicians, bring your dancing shoes! At the Lindy Bout XIII jazz jam, everyone can play music, everyone can dance, and together we can create a big ole’ jazzy party. The jazz jam will happen in the park adjacent to Performance Works, weather permitting. (And if it rains, we’ll be indoors.)