Lindy Bout XV
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Photography Guidelines


  1. For the purpose of this policy, photography, photographs, and photographers also mean videography, video, and videographer, respectively.
  2. The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidelines for photography at Lindy Bout. We want to protect your rights as a photographer, while balancing the spirit of Lindy Bout in providing photographs of the event freely to all participants.
  3. This policy is supported by the Lindy Bout Code of Conduct. Actions contrary to this Policy or the Lindy Bout Code of Conduct may result in actions taken by the event organizers as outlined in the Lindy Bout Code of Conduct.
  4. If there are any questions or clarification about this policy, please speak with Lindy Bout Media Coordinator.

Use of Photographs

  1. You retain all rights to the photographs you create at Lindy Bout, and Lindy Bout will not use your photographs without permission.
  2. You are encouraged to photograph the event for your own personal and non-commercial use, and to share these images freely for other people’s personal use.
  3. Lindy Bout is a community event and and provides official photographs and video at no charge for personal use. In keeping with the spirit of Lindy Bout, we ask that you not sell photographs taken at Lindy Bout.
  4. If the photographs are being used for any publication, or for something really amazing, please let us know; we’d love to hear about it!

Venue Guidelines

  1. The venue guidelines ensure that the movement or sightlines of judges, staff, volunteers, performers, and competitors are not obstructed.
  2. Please do not enter or take photographs from the following locations:
    • Stage & Backstage;
    • The area immediately in front of the stage during competitions;
    • Competition Area during competitions;
    • Judges Area during competitions;
    • Sound Booth;
    • Anywhere that blocks entrances or exits; and
    • Anywhere that might obstruct the pathway between the competition area and backstage access during competitions.
  3. Please do not move around the immediate perimeter of the competition area to take photographs as it may interfere with the movement or sightlines of judges, and spectators. Consider sitting or being mobile behind the audience.
  4. Please give approximately 1 foot of space behind seated judges during the competitions.
  5. Please allow the judges, and official Lindy Bout photographers to set up first before you do. Otherwise you may be asked to move.
  6. The use of stands (e.g., light stands, tripods) or external lighting devices (e.g., hot lights, optical or radio triggers, external strobes) require permission from the Lindy Bout Media Coordinator to ensure there’s no conflict with the event or other equipment.

Last updated January 9, 2023.