Lindy Bout XV
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Lindy Bout VII Results

Finalists are listed in no particular order.

Spirit of Lindy Bout

Tim Gladysz (Calgary)

Favourite Competitor

Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)

DJ Battle Champion of the West

Jason Kiraly (East of the Rockies)

Joel Schwarz (Vancouver & Lower Mainland)
David Lee (Victoria)

Haymaker Jack & Jill Champions

Jonathon Mong (Vancouver) & Jillian Jackson (Seattle)

Emmanuel Guevarra & Joanna Yang (Vancouver)
Geoffrey Fisher & Elena Alexeeva (Vancouver)
Duy Tran & Mari Piggot (Seattle & Vancouver)
Cam Connor & Jacky Li (Vancouver)

Knockdown Jack & Jill Champions

Warren Cheung & Rosea Lake (Vancouver)

Andrew Thul & Beth Schwartz (Seattle & Vancouver)
Tien Le & Assia Hassaine (Vancouver & Montréal)
Alex Dupler & Lianna Stammers (Seattle & Vancouver)
Joshua Mclean & Becca Chaster (Seattle & Vancouver)

Barnburner Jack & Jill Champions

Léo Newman & Edina Shaw (Vancouver)

Matt Lam & Gen St-Lo (Vancouver & Montréal)
Randy Panté & Julie Kiraly (Montréal & Edmonton)
Eric Shaw & Louie Schwarz (Vancouver)
Joel Schwarz & Calico Goodrich (Vancouver & Seattle)

Interregional Champions

Joshua Mclean (Vancouver) & Julia Franta (Victoria)

Ben White (Seattle) & Krystal Moss (Edmonton)
Tim Gladysz (Calgary) & Mariee Devereux (Vancouver)
Phil Bourassa (Toronto) & Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver)
Greg Martin (Vancouver) & Calico Goodrich (Seattle)
Brian Gish (Seattle) & Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)

Featherweight Champions

Léo Newman & Mako Ruan (Vancouver)

Calico Goodrich & Brian Gish (Seattle)
Joshua Welter & Melanie Hout-Lavoie (Seattle)
Randy Panté & Miriam Baril (Montréal)
Julie Kiraly & Phil Bourassa (Edmonton & Toronto)

Flyweight Champions

Calico Goodrich & Brian Gish (Seattle)

Olivia Taylor & Justin Hill (Seattle)
Phil Bourassa & Julie Kiraly (Toronto & Edmonton)
Matt Lam & Angie Weddell (Vancouver)

Solo Jazz Champion

Mako Ruan (Vancouver)

Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)
Joshua Mclean (Seattle)
Edina Shaw (Vancouver)
Calico Goodrich (Seattle)
Randy Panté (Montréal)

Short & Sweet Champions

Olivia Taylor (Seattle) & Justin Hill (Seattle)

Randy Panté & Miriam Baril (Montréal)

Team Champions

Granville Street Rhythm (Vancouver)

Oldey Timey Dancing Champions

Joel & Louise Schwarz (Vancouver)

Randy Panté & Miriam Baril (Montréal)
Brian Gish & Calico Goodrich (Seattle)
Phil Bourassa & Natsuko Murao (Toronto & Vancouver)
Bill Ewanick & Laura Smith (Ottawa)