Lindy Bout XV
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Lindy Bout II Results

Finalists are listed in no particular order.

Battle of the Western DJs Champion

Kyle Murray (Victoria)

Justin Lee (Manitoba) & Alan Cheung (Vancouver)

Birkley Wisniewski (Alberta) 
Afonso Silvera (Vancouver) 
Dave Hall (Saskatchewan)

Title Jack and Jill Champions

Lauren Kayda & Jon Chen (Seattle)

Randy Pante & Karen Ann Soon (Vancouver) 
Justin Hill (Seattle) & Leah Wilcox (Calgary) 
Timb Shaw & Kat Single-Dain (Vancouver) 
Derek Senft & Sherry Haddow (Vancouver)

Everlast Jack and Jill Champions

Darla Weideman (Seattle, WA) & Josh McKiterick (Melbourne, Australia)

Eric Shaw & Eileen Jones (Vancouver) 
Kyle Murray (Vancouver) & Gina Keppel (Seattle) 
Walker Banerd & Edina Hechanova (Vancouver) 
Leo Newman & Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver)

Interregional Champions

Eileen Jones & Randy Pante (Vancouver)

Eric Shaw (Vancouver) & Meghan Gilmore (Calgary) 
Birkley Wisniewski (Edmonton) & Edina Hechanova (Vancouver) 
Derek Senft (Vancouver) & Julie Kiraly (Edmonton) 
Kyle Murray (Victoria) & Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver)

Welterweight (Slow) Champions

Walker Banerd & Eileen Jones (Vancouver)

Darla Weideman & Meagan Campbell (Seattle) 
Tim Shaw & Lisa Marks (Vancouver) 
Chris Neima (Vancouver) & Gina Keppel (Seattle) 
Eric Shaw (Vancouver) & Brittany Johnson (Seattle)

Featherweight (Medium) Champions

Walker Banerd & Lisa Marks (Vancouver)

Eric Shaw & Edina Hechanova (Vancouver) 
Jason Baggett & Lauren Kayda (Seattle) 
Tim Shaw & Eileen Jones (Vancouver) 
Kyle Murray (Vancouver) & Gina Keppel (Seattle)

Flyweight (Fast) Champions

Eric Shaw & Edina Hechanova (Vancouver)

Kevin Savage & Chrstabel Kerslake (Victoria) 
Walker Banerd & Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver) 
Léo Newman (Vancouver) & Darla Weideman (Seattle) 
Jason Baggett & Brittany Johnson (Seattle)

Performance Division Champions

Red Hot Swing (Victoria)

Solo Jazz Champion (by audience applause)

Meghan Campbell (Seattle)

Randy Pante (Vancouver) 
Léo Newman (Vancouver), Edina Hechanova (Vancouver)

Partner Blues Champions

Diane Garceau and David Yates (Vancouver)

Jocelyn Miller & Randy Pante (Vancouver) 
Robert Hein & Leah Wilcox (Calgary)