Lindy Bout XV
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Lindy Bout V Results

Finalists are listed in no particular order.

Spirit of Lindy Bout

Angie Weddell (Vancouver)

Favourite Competitor

Natalie Bangs (Carnation)

DJ Battle Champion of the West

Jason Kiraly (East of the Rockies)

Kevin Savage (Victoria)
Angie Weddell (Vancouver & Lower Mainland)

Title Jack & Jill Champions

Elsie Budwill (Langley) & Beth Schwartz (Vancouver)

Rosea Lake (Vancouver) & Kamyar Pooyeh (Edmonton)
Mariee Devereux (Vancouver) & Julia Franta (Victoria)
Kelsey Savage (Tsawwassen) & Warren Cheung (Vancouver)
Teresa Bangs (Carnation) & Lucas DeCoste (New Westminister)

Everlast Jack & Jill Champions

Natalie Bangs (Carnation) & Léo Newman (Vancouver)

Emelie DecaVita (Uppsala) & Rebecka DecaVita (Uppsala)
Leah Stahly (Seattle) & Brian Gish (Seattle)
Julie Kiraly (Edmonton) & Steven Stevenson (Seattle)
Calico Goodrich (Seattle) & Ben White (Kirkland)

Interregional Champions

Julie Kiraly (Edmonton) & Steven Stevenson (Seattle)

Edina Shaw (Vancouver) & Matthew Isenor (Calgary)
Krystal Moss (Edmonton) & Phil Bourassa (Toronto)
Calico Goodrich (Seattle) & Trevor Bain (Vancouver)
Natalie Bangs (Carnation) & Kamyar Pooyeh (Edmonton)

Featherweight Champions

Mako Ruan (Vancouver) & Léo Newman (Vancouver)

Krystal Moss (Edmonton) & Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)
Leah Stahly (Seattle) & Steven Stevenson (Seattle)
Edina Shaw (Vancouver) & Walker Banerd (Vancouver)
Darla Weideman (Seattle) & Michael Darigol (Seattle)

Flyweight Champions

Emelie DecaVita (Uppsala) & Rebecka DecaVita (Uppsala)

Leah Stahly (Seattle) & Steven Stevenson (Seattle)
Edina Shaw (Vancouver) & Eric Shaw (Vancouver)
Michael Darigol (Seattle) & Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver)
Trevor Bain (Vancouver) & Natalie Bangs (Carnation)
Christina Shaw (Vancouver) & Zac Sluys (Vancouver)

Solo Jazz Champion

Natalie Bangs (Seattle)

Trevor Bain (Vancouver)
Krystal Moss (Edmonton)
Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)
Edina Shaw (Vancouver)
Meghan Gilmore (Montreal)

Short & Sweet Champions

Rebecka DecaVita (Uppsala) & Emelie DecaVita (Uppsala)

Team Champions

Granville Street Rhythm (Vancouver)

Cruiserweight Champions

Emelie DecaVita (Uppsala) & Rebecka DecaVita (Uppsala)

Phil Bourassa (Toronto) & Matt Isenor (Vancouver)
Julie Kiraly (Edmonton) & Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver)
Zac Sluys (Vancouver) & Becca Chaster (Vancouver)
Mako Ruan (Vancouver) & Eric Shaw (Vancouver)

Balboa Champions

David Lee (Victoria) & Tina Lee (Victoria)

Ben White (Kirkland) & Emelie DecaVita (Uppsala)