Lindy Bout XV
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Kids at Lindy Bout

Kids Pass

Lindy Bout has a long history of welcoming children at the event — and we love the energy that kids bring! The Event Directors are parents, and our own kids are going to be at Lindy Bout XV.

But! While Lindy Bout is a family-friendly event, it is not expressly designed for children. Please keep this in mind if you are considering bringing your children. 

  • All minors should be accompanied by a guardian at all times.
  • You are responsible for the safety of your child(ren).
  • Your child may be photographed at the event and photos may be published publicly. See the “Photography” section of our waiver for more information.

We’re going to have family-friendly programming during the daytimes and we would love to see your families. You can purchase a Kids Pass for your child(ren) that will provide entry to all daytime events.

  • Purchase a Kids Pass here:
  • Kids Passes are for minors 1-18 years old.
  • Kids Passes cost $25 and provide entry to all daytime events only.
  • If you want to bring your child(ren) to the evening dances, please contact us.

If your child plans to compete in the Short & Sweet or Mapleweight, they need a Kids Pass. If your child plans to compete in any other matches (e.g. a partner draw), normally they need to have an Event Pass. Please contact us if this is a barrier to participation.

Activities for Kids

Granville Island is a great place for children. In addition to enjoying Lindy Bout programming, here are some suggested activities for kids: