Lindy Bout XV
(private development site)

Lindy Bout VI Results

Finalists are listed in no particular order.

Spirit of Lindy Bout

Kelsey Savage (Vancouver) & Read Fenton (Edmonton)

Favourite Competitor

Edina Shaw (Vancouver)

DJ Battle Champion of the West

Angie Weddell (Vancouver & Lower Mainland)

Harrison Ayre (East of the Rockies)
Liana Stammers (Victoria)

Title Jack & Jill Champions

Tristan Noone (Vancouver) & Jennifer Gamracy (Victoria)

Ryan Lewis & Amanda Smith (Vancouver)
Brian MacDonald (Victoria) & Kamyar Pooyeh (Edmonton)
Elsie Budwill (Vancouver) & Alison McLeod (Victoria)
Matthew Bartlett (Victoria) & Lindsay Towle (Edmonton)

Everlast Jack & Jill Champions

Eric Shaw (Vancouver) & Brittany Johnson (Seattle)

Brian Gish (Seattle) & Louise Schwarz (Vancouver)
Joshua Welter (Seattle) & Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)
Joel Schwarz (Vancouver) & Geneviève St-Laurent (Montreal)
Matt Lam (Vancouver) & Leah Stahly (Seattle)

Interregional Champions

Mariee Devereux (Vancouver) & Michael Darigol (Seattle)

Julia Franta (Victoria) & Phil Bourassa (Toronto)
Krystal Moss (Edmonton) & Trevor Bain (Vancouver)
Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver) & Benjamin Brook (Edmonton)
Julie Kiraly (Edmonton) & Matt Lam (Vancouver)

Featherweight Champions

Joshua Welter (Seattle) & Genevieve St-Laurent (Montreal)

Trevor Bain (Vancouver) & Christina Shaw (Vancouver)
Eric Shaw (Vancouver) & Leah Stahly (Seattle)
Edina Shaw (Vancouver) & Lee Broxon (Seattle)
Darla Weideman (Seattle) & Brian Gish (Seattle)

Flyweight Champions

Edina Shaw (Vancouver) & Eric Shaw (Vancouver)

Harrison Ayre (Edmonton) & Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)
Walker Banerd (Vancouver) & Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver)
Trevor Bain (Vancouver) & Rosea Lake (Vancouver)
Justin Hill (Seattle) & Olivia Taylor (Seattle)

Solo Jazz Champion

Michael Darigol (Seattle)

Alex Dupler (Seattle)
Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver)
Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)
Edina Shaw (Vancouver)

Short & Sweet Champions

Olivia Taylor (Seattle) & Justin Hill (Seattle)

Team Champions

Granville Street Rhythm (Vancouver)

Trad Jazz Champions

Michael Darigol (Seattle) & Brittany Johnson (Seattle)

Phillippe Bourassa (Toronto) & Louise Kurth (Vancouver)
Steven Stevenson (Seattle) & Leah Stahly (Seattle)
Harrison Ayre (Edmonton) & Julie Kiraly (Edmonton)
Kyle Murray (Victoria) & Claudia Nobauer (Vancouver)