Lindy Bout XI

Our Organizers

Lindy Bout is produced by the British Columbia Vernacular Jazz Dance Society. The Lindy Bout Bossies, dedicated year-round staff, and fabulous volunteers all work hard to make Lindy Bout happen.

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The Bossies — Stephanie, Eileen, and Lucy

It’s hard to pin down who exactly The Lindy Bout Bossies are, where they come from, and what precisely their roles are. These three ladies have been behind the scenes of Lindy Bout since the beginning, each with their own ever-changing set of roles and responsibilities. Although one of the Bossies no longer resides in BC, one went on hiatus during a four-year séjour, and one regularly finds herself in warm and Eastern climates, all three share a deep love for the Western Canadian Lindy hop scene. They have been community builders in Vancouver for over a collective 46 years.

Known as Bossy Mamma (Stephanie McKernan Taylor), Bossy Nomad (Eileen Jones), and Bossy West (Lucy Falkner), these ladies fell in love with Lindy hop around the turn of the century (1998-2001, to be precise) and first swung out at the historical Vancouver ballrooms, The (original) Legion, St. James Hall, and The Gate.

Teachers, community organizers, and performers, The Bossies have been strong forces behind many Vancouver-based swing initiatives, including The Pinko Swing Collective, Hot Koko, Granville Street Rhythm, UBC Swing Kids, SFU Swing Club, Rhythm City Productions, The Fat Bottom Girls, Jungle Swing Productions, Laverne & Shirley, Tomato Tomato and, of course, Lindy Bout. They are also active in other scenes (geographic, dance, or otherwise), but their many activities are too numerous to mention here.

Bossy Mamma resides in Toronto and is the education coordinator for Toronto Lindy Hop. Bossy Nomad once lived in Ottawa, Sénégal, and many other places, but considers herself fully readapted to the West Coast life. Bossy West is rooted in Vancouver as the founder and owner of Rhythm City Productions.

Our Fabulous Team

  • Geoff Oakham — Bossy Beancounter and Online Registration Chief
  • Lisa Marks — Design Maven
  • Justin Lee — Photography Prince
  • John Marian & John Shaw  — Photography Dukes
  • Brian MacDonald — Viceroy of Videography
  • Laura Avelino — Communications Chief
  • Johnna Gurgel — Communications Compadre
  • Chloe Sharpe & Amy Farahbakhsh — Admin Wonderwomen
  • Suzanna Wright — Volunteer Queen
  • Lindsay Leong, Doug Barber, & Jen Burgess — Decorations Masterminds
  • Barney Lee, Sofia Avelino, & Lucas DeCoste — Food & Drink Fanatics
  • JP McGlynn — Sponsorship Sprite
  • Léo Newman — Media Magician
  • Kaitlin Russell — Safer Spaces Coordinator and Housing Heroine

Special thanks to Dave Henderson Sound and the SwingTix registration system.

Another thank you to the following events for their support and love: